Capon/Khasi | Whole curry cut

Locally grown capon/khasi chicken. This festive season special.



Pack My Meat present you capon/khasi murga in this festive season.

Only on pre-order in this festive season. Home delivery available in every parts of Guwahati metropolitan city.

A capon is a special type of chicken created to make the meat more tender and less gamy. It is a rooster that has been castrated before reaching sexual maturity, which improves the quality of the meat; after that, it is fed a rich diet of milk or porridge. The lack of testosterone makes for a more tender, flavorful meat that is a delight compared to regular chicken.

This poultry was considered a luxury, and during the early part of the twentieth century, the capon was the chosen bird for Christmas feasts, especially for the wealthy. Working-class families saw capon as a rare treat because it was quite expensive.

Compared to rooster meat, which can be quite gamy, capon meat is tender and flavorful. It is also relatively fatty and has a high proportion of white meat. The absence of sex hormones causes the difference in taste and texture between capon meat and rooster meat. The lack of the hormone also allows more fat to form on the bird’s muscles making them tender and buttery.

Note: Price mentioned are on gross weight. After cleaning and processing, the net weight delivered will be 25-35% less. You can also order whole live capon/khasi murga.


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