Wholesale of fresh local meat and fish in the city

Fresh pork wholeseller
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Packmymeat.com is a meat processor, wholesaler, and retailing company. We are the No.1 supplier, distributor, wholesaler & retailer of fresh pork, mutton, and variety of meat  and fish in the Guwahati metropolitan city. We supply top-quality meat and fish to more than 500 hotels and restaurants around Guwahati City every day.

We source animals directly from the local farmers(rearer) by ourselves and processed them under standard guidelines for processing meat at our centrally operated processing unit.

Buy hygienic and contamination-free fresh meat and fish from us at the lowest market price. We offer locally grown fresh mutton, chicken, duck, fish cut at the lowest whole-selling price that no one offer.

We supply all our meat in a tight sealed package under chilled condition so that the quality and freshness of our meat don’t deteriorate during transportation. You will receive the freshest feshest meat and fish from us for your hotel, restaurant, party, and other social gathering.

We cater to every size of the business whether it’s a small, medium, or big business. We try to cater to the smallest quantity possible ranging from 5 kilograms to 100 kilograms.

We have a different cut to choose from according to your hotel’s requirements to prepare your dishes.

Every order we received before 4:00 pm will get delivered within 2 hours of placing an order. All orders that are made after 4.00 pm will be delivered on the next business day between 10-12 pm.

Mail us if you have specific requirements