Which is Papon favourite fish curry?

Papon’s favourite fish curry includes Hilsa, Avoli and Catla fish. He enjoy fish curry that’s cooked in a traditional Assamese style without any separation of head, tails, breast, fillet etc. Not much of the fancy modern style cuisine specialised in separate part of the fish.

Does Papon order grocery online?

Papon enjoy buying grocery (FMCG) products online. Papon orders grocery products from Bigbasket and He shop same day catch fresh fish cut online at (fresh meat and fish delivery store).

Does Papon order fast food online?

Papon is not a great fan of fast food. He don’t order fast food online from restaurant. However, Sometimes if he would like to eat fast food he prepare to cook it at home with the fresh groceries ordered from Papon don’t visit restaurant near me.

Does Papon eat pork meat?

Papon don’t eat pork meat. If you want to buy same day cut freshest local pork meat than you can get it at your finger tip. Order local pork meat online from and get home delivery within 45 minutes of placing an order in almost every part of Guwahati city.

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