Ajwain, Ajowan, Trachyspermum ammi seeds

Ajwain whole seeds


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The fruits are rarely eaten raw; they are commonly dry-roasted or fried in ghee. This allows the spice to develop a more subtle and complex aroma. It is widely used in the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent, often as part of a chaunk (also called a tarka), a mixture of spices – sometimes with a little chopped garlic or onion – fried in oil or clarified butter, which is used to flavor a dish at the end of cooking. It is also an important ingredient for herbal medicine practiced. In Nepal, Jwano Ko Jhol- brothy soup of ajwain, has been in traditional cuisine that is mostly consumed to recover from respiratory problems, and during postpartum recovery. In Afghanistan, the fruits are sprinkled over bread and biscuits.

Other applications of ajwain include incorporating the seeds in specific types of breads, such as naans and parathas. The seeds can also be used as a mouth freshener when mixed with lemon juice and black pepper and then dried. Or, the seeds can simply be used as an ingredient in hot tea.

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