Chicken salami by Sayuri farms

Chicken salami a delectable cold cut by Sayuri farms.



Chicken Salami is one of the most popular type of cold cut that’s made from air-dried chicken meat. Chicken Salami is a go-to ingredient and a lifesaver when we are in a hurry. Grab a few salami pieces from the pack and prepare the dish in a minute. This Chicken salami core ingredients are chicken meat, spices, and seasonings. Chicken salami comes loaded with protein. The calcium found in the salami is free of carbs.

Try this delicious salami by Sayuri farms a subsidiary of Pigzee’s, No.1 North Eastern India meat products brand.


  1. Always keep refrigerated.
  2. Use within 5 days after receiving and opening the package.
  3. Follow the safe handling instructions on the package.

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200 grams, 400 grams, 600 grams


Sayuri farms

sayuri farms


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