Murrel fish, Xol fish curry cut

Freshly cut local Xol mass not frozen.



​Murrel fish/Xol mass in India and other asin country. 

Murrel fish (Xol mass in Assamese), is one of the expensive species among other fish available in the Telangana satate and has been declared as the state fish in Telangana state.

The cost of Murrel fish is nearly Rs 1000 per kg in the open market.

People consume the snake-headed Murrel as staple protein food. Murrel fishlings have been used in fish medicine by the Bathini brothers during the beginning of every rain season in the city. People believe that the medicine would help them in curing asthma, a respiratory disease.

In China and other Southeast Asian countries, people eat Murrel fish for the healing of post surgical wounds.


About product 

  • Fresh water murrel fish/Xol mass
  • Curry cut from the size of 400-700 grams fish.
  • Fresh fish not frozen.
  • All products are packed and delivered in a vacuum-sealed package.
  • Home Delivery in almost every parts of Guwahati metropolitan city.

Delicious and juicy fresh water murrel fish. Perfect for grilling, deep frying, or making traditional Assamese and Bengali cuisines. Available in Guwahati. Order online and get home delivery within 60 minutes of placing an order.

Note : Freshly cut on orders. Price and weight mentioned are gross weight before gutting( cleaning & cutting) the fish. Net weight delivered after cleaning and processing will be lesser to 15 – 25%. 

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500 grams, 1 kg, 2 kgs


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