Mutton seasoning | Premium product | Pack of 150 grams

Premium mutton Seasoning with some of the exotic aromatic spices for the gratifying delights on your plate.

Original price was: ₹350.Current price is: ₹265.


Make Delicious mutton cuisine Instantly with our “Royal mutton Seasoning ” & brings delight to your dining table. 

Experience the real taste of 100% Natural Spices & Herbs no added Artificial flavoring agents or Preservatives.

Prepare muton cuisine with our seasoning specially crafted to bring gratifying taste and flavor to the muuton cuisine that the Generic Masalas couldn’t create.

Naturally processed with the rare aromatic spices from the North Eastern India.

  • Made with the rare exotic spices.
  • Authentic Flavor of the North-eastern India Spices.
  • Handcrafted in small batches for elegant taste.

Check the back side of the package for more info.

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Weight.150 kg




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