Norwegian salmon fish fillet | Imported premium product

Imported salmon fish fillet without bone. Frozen sea-fish. There will be a slight variation in weight and will be adjusted accordingly at delivery.


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Country of Origin:Β Norway

Expertly sourced from the cold, fresh, and clear waters of Norway, this boneless salmon fillets have a succulent texture and are naturally rich in Omega-3 and high in protein. The skin of the salmon can add a delightful, crispy texture to the meal. We advise grilling, searing or frying the salmon skin as opposed to boiling or steaming it. Flown in every week so that it get delivered to your doorstep at its freashest.Vacuum packed to retain its natural taste and quality. 100% free from antibiotics.

Norwegian salmon fish fillet. Fillet cut from an approx 5 kgs whole salmon fish.

Storage Instructions:

  • 2-3 days in household fridge (0-4 degrees celsius) if unopened. Once opened consume within 2 days.
  • 7 days in the freezer (-18 degrees celsius) if unopened.

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1 kg, 2 kgs


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