Pork with bamboo shoot & King chilli sausage by Pigzee’s

Pork with King chilli & Bamboo shoot sausage by Pigzee’s No.1 meat products brand in North Eastern India.


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Super delicious classic sausage made with pork, King chilli and sausage from Pigzee’s. If you love hot and spicy food and the aroma of bamboo shoot. Than this pork with bamboo shoot and King chilli sausage will definitely will blow your mind. Super delicious sausage with rich aroma and flavour.

  • Raw pork with King chilli and bamboo shoot sausage
  • Ready to grill or pan cook
  • Non-added artificial flavour
  • Juicy and tender sausage
  • Hand crafted with utmost care.
  • 3 pieces per 200 grams.


  1. Pork
  2. Fats
  3. King chilli
  4. Farmented bamboo shoot
  5. Permitted food additives
  6. Spices

How to cook

Step 1: Boil water in vessel
Step 2: Boil sausage for 2 minutes
Step 3: Drain the water and bring it to room temperature
Step 4: Heat the pan or a griller than cook sausages till it turn golden brown


  1. Always keep refrigerated.
  2. Use within 5 days after receiving and opening the package.
  3. Please follow up the safe handling instructions on the package.

Additional information


200 grams, 400 grams





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