Smoked pork | Weekends Special delivery | Only pre-order

Weekends special smoked pork delivery. Freshly smoked pork delivered on Saturday and Sunday to bring delights on your dining table. Pre-order available from Monday to Friday till midnight.


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Smoked pork | Weekends Special delivery | Only pre-order


  • Only pre-order.
  • Smoked pork from ribs, belly and hams.
  • Weekend special delivery (Freshly smoked pork delivery on Saturday & Sunday).
  • Smoked and freshly delivered for your weekend.
  • Freshly cut pork meat smoked and dried in a high-grade charcoal.
  • Pre-orders are available from Monday to Friday till midnight.
  • Delivery is available in almost every part of Guwahati metropolitan city.
  • Delivery time slot: Saturday- 5 pm to 9 pm/ Sunday- 9 am to 2 pm


We bring you weekend special smoked pork(A combination of belly, ribs and hams). A freshly charcoal-dried smoked pork meat home delivery to make your weekends special. Weekends special smoked pork is freshly smoked and delivered for you, enjoy the real smoky taste of pork meat with superb flavour and fantastic aroma. The real/authentic taste, flavour and aroma of smoked pork degrade with time. It tastes awful if it is freshly smoked and consumed within a time span of a few hours without re-smoking/reheating it.

Most of the time you come across Re-smoked pork meat or frozen smoked pork meat in the market which definitely will not bring the authentic taste of smoked pork on your plate that’s filled with awful flavour and aroma.

Smoked pork | Weekends Special delivery | Only pre-order

Pre-order your weekend’s special smoked pork from Monday- Friday till midnight and get it delivered straight to your doorstep on Saturday and Sunday and bring delight on your dining table on the weekends holiday.

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700 grams, 1 kg, 3 kgs

Meat cut

Ham(80% flesh and 20% fats), Baby ribs (30% flesh and 70% fats), Belly (20% flesh and 80% fats)

Delivery time slot

Sat: 5 – 7 PM, Sat: 7 – 9 PM, Sun: 9 – 11 AM, Sun: 11 AM – 1 PM, Sun: 1- 3 PM


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