Chicken with dried bamboo shoot pickle | Pack of 180 grams

Deliciously mouth watering chicken with dried bamboo shoot pickle by the tribe town kitchen.

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The speciality of Assam.  A delicious chicken with dried bamboo shoot pickle. A must try delectable by the tribe town kitchen. This pickle doesn’t contain synthetic preservatives and is simply flavoured with GI tag fiery king chillies from Nagaland, mustard oil and salt to let the authentic flavours and Aroma stand out.

This chicken with bamboo shoot pickle is made with love in an all-women kitchen called Tribe Town Kitchen that specializes in Naga and Boro cuisines with native chefs taking on the cooking responsibilities. With ingredients procured from the native regions and an adapted yet traditional tribal style, the kitchen’s authenticity is unparalleled. This kitchen is known for its homely, hygienic, and authentic appeal to the migrant as well as the local population.

Product uses instructions:

  1. Best before 3 months from packaging and 3 weeks opening the bottle.
  2. Refrigeration is recommended after opening.
  3. Store in COOL, DRY & HYGIENIC place as no preservatives except vinegar is used in manufacturing this products.

Additional information

Weight180 kg


Tribe Town Kitchen


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