Pork Pickle

Pork pickle by Pigzee’s North Eastern India No.1 meat products brand.



Premium top quality pork pickle by Pigzee’s, North Eastern India No.1 meat products brand.

Ingredients: Including Pork, Sichuan Pepper, Mustard Oil, Chilli Flakes, Vinegar, Ginger, Garlic and Salt.

Best before 3 months from packaging and 3 weeks opening the bottle. Storage

Conditions: Refrigeration is recommended after opening. Store in COOL, DRY & HYGIENIC place as no preservatives except vinegar is used.

  • Free from preservatives and chemical additives for color and flavor.
  • Contains 70% farm fresh pork meat (without bone and skin).
  • All the ingredients including oils and spices are natural and organic.
  • Traditionally cooked with mom’s secret recipe having Non spicy flavor.
  • Delicious and healthy pork pickle from Pigzee’s. 

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90 grams, 180 grams





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